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The Yellow Card of Makati: Your Passport to Longevity

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I haven’t seen any such card, more than the value of your credit card, except the Yellow Card of Makati. This is the most famous card, I guess, among the local government units in the country. It is no privy in the field because once you are a resident of Makati, one can hardly ask you if you have already the so-called Yellow Card.

How come this card became so famous? What really is Yellow Card?

The Makati Health Plus (MHP), better known as Yellow Card, entitles beneficiaries to free outpatient consultations and subsidized in-patient care in the fields of surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics, pediatrics, medicine, ENT, ophthalmology, dermatology and orthopedics at the city-run Ospital ng Makati (Osmak) in Bgy. Pembo.

Emergency cases are handled by the OsMak and its free-standing emergency care unit, the Acute Care Center (ACC) in Bgy. Bel-Air.

Makati residents are really privileged people here in the Philippines. They have been providing the needed care and attention by their beloved mayor Jejomar C. Binay. Mayor Jojo has been instituting health programs that are of dire needs of his constituents.

Program beneficiaries are also entitled to free check-ups or consultations at the city’s 27 fully-equipped barangay health centers, where medical services ranging from maternal and child care to elderly care, are available.

Medical services are not just available at the OsMak. Barangay health centers are capable of attending such services to the people. In the barangay level alone, the city government can immediately respond to medical needs, the basic mandate that a local government or a local public official should deliver.

The MHP program covers bona fide residents of Makati, including senior citizens, domestic helpers of legitimate residents, city government workers and employees of selected Makati-based government agencies, such as public school teachers, police and fire personnel.

MHP members are classified into four categories based on their monthly income. Members with a monthly income of P6,000 and below are categorized as MHP-I, identified through a yellow strip on the right-hand side of the card.

MHP-II cards, with a blue strip, are issued to those earning P6,001 to P12,000 monthly. The green-coded MHP-III cards are issued to those with a monthly income of P12,001 to P20,000, while the red-coded MHP-IV cards are for those earning P21,000 and above.

In case of hospitalization (in-patient care), an MHP-I beneficiary pays nothing if the total hospital bill is only P5,000 or lower. For bills of P5,001 and higher, only P200 is required as token payment. Meanwhile, the corresponding discounts on the total hospital bill granted to the other categories are as follows: MHP-II, 90 per cent; MHP-III, 85 per cent; MHP-IV, 75 per cent.

The Yellow Card program of Makati was selected as a “best practice” by the Dubai International Award for Best Practices in 2002 for its “outstanding contribution towards improving the living environment.”

That’s it! Yellow Card answers to your medical needs. More than this, yellow card is your passport to a longer life, more than any other cards can provide.

Kudos to Mayor Binay and the City of Makati. Mayor Binay really provides! Mayor Binay truly delivers! He has proven to all and sundry that the health sector is among his priorities.