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What makes him tick? Why is the poor so close to his heart?

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Binay: A History in the Making

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Hope lingers only to the brave; the one that can hold on to its own spirit through good and challenging times; the one that will never try to hold back its strength to keep his words; the one who will stand to all the challenges to help improve the society; the one who is not afraid to sacrifice his own aspirations to uphold the principles of freedom and liberty; and the one who is not afraid to challenge the unchallenged and change the unchangeable.

As a boy, he was not disheartened by the fact that he is an orphan. He realized that he must exert his efforts to finish his studies. He created his own opportunity using his own experience. He exerted more hard work in all his undertakings even finding himself collecting leftover food for his uncle’s piggery.

As a college student, he showed his leadership by being a leader of the student council; he always had adhered to freedom and liberty. He led the youth to act as the catalyst for change. He studied fervently to open his mind to social imbalances, to lend a hand to the poor, and to seek justice for the meager.

He proved his dignity even behind bars. Time came and he rose up to the challenge of leading a nearly bankrupt city and made it to be one of the world’s best and the nation’s leader in economy. He led the city with a passion that made him loved not feared; just and fair; and with a soft heart for the meager, the youth, and even the senior citizens.

His legacy is transcending: built on high-class education, health, and social services; strong: built on the concrete buildings and roads of the city; and pure: built on love, care, and his aim to alleviate the poor.

He will again prove his trustworthiness and determination as he stepped the pedals of his biggest challenge: leading the nation. Yet his might and supremacy in intellectual, experience, hard work, and record as a public servant will make him again stand victorious in a battleground that leads us to where we ought to be as Filipinos.

His passion is to surmount the insurmountable and he is not afraid.

And our hope as a nation confides in him.

BINAY 2010!