The administration’s much-vaunted political machinery will not deliver the votes for Mrs. Arroyo’s anointed candidate because of widespread dissatisfaction over her eight-year rule, Makati Mayor and United Opposition (UNO) president Jejomar C. Binay said.

“The machinery is useless in the face of widespread dissatisfaction over Mrs. Arroyo. Only a miracle will save the administration candidate from certain defeat,” he said.

Binay said contrary to claims made by party leaders, the administration’s machinery is already disintegrating since most local officials belonging to Lakas-KAMPI-CMD have already joined or are poised to join political parties identified with the opposition.

He said he was able to confirm this in his meetings with local officials from the provinces.

“Most of the local officials I talked to have either switched loyalties or are planning to bolt the administration party. Some of them, on the other hand, will be silently campaigning for opposition candidates,” he said.

“These local officials don’t want to be casualties of the people’s dissatisfaction with the Arroyo administration,” he added.

Binay said the 2010 national election will be all about the track record of Mrs. Arroyo, which her anointed candidate has pledged to continue.

“When Mrs. Arroyo’s candidate says he will continue her programs, the people can only see six more years of hunger, poverty, human rights violations, and abuse of authority,” he said.

“The people have had enough of Mrs. Arroyo’s misrule, and they are definitely looking for national leaders who are the direct opposite of Mrs. Arroyo,” he added.

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