22 AUGUST 2009

Makati Mayor Jejomar C. Binay today slammed anew the Arroyo administration for its continuing indecent misuse of public funds after it continues to neglect the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) while earmarking P1.2 billion for the rehabilitation of the Ayuntamiento building in Intramuros, for which a grant had already been given by the government of Spain.

Binay cited a recent report disclosing that the P1.2 billion initially earmarked for the purchase of a presidential jet plane was identical to the budget of the Philippine General Hospital (PGH). It also cited the Commission on Audit’s observation that the PGH needs an annual budget of at least P3 billion to maintain its ISO status.

Binay also reacted to reports that the PGH has been surviving on the charity of legislators, and may lose its electricity and water supplies owing to its failure to settle bills amounting to millions.

“Why is this happening to our national government hospital that provides much-needed health care for hundreds of thousands of indigent Filipinos each year? Why hasn’t the Arroyo administration seen it fit to allot the P1.2 billion for PGH instead of providing funds for a project already funded by the Spanish government?,” Binay said.

“It is such a shame that PGH survives on charity and the ‘tender mercies’ of the Arroyo administration, which has no qualms about spending millions, even billions of taxpayers’ money on foreign trips and other caprices,” he added.

The opposition leader said government has shown again that its priorities are misplaced. He said that when government revenues are tight, government must learn to prioritize. The welfare of the people, their health, education, and social well-being should take precedence over pomp and lavishness.

“I am appalled at the utter insensitiveness of this administration. It does not even make the least effort to avoid doing anything that would betray or insult the Filipinos’ intelligence and sensibilities. Mrs. Arroyo and her minions do not seem to have the word ‘delicadeza’ in their vocabulary,” Binay said.

Binay said the Arroyo administration has shown that it is predisposed to wasting taxpayers’ money on such items as foreign trips that do not bring real benefits to the people.

“Its priorities are far removed from the realities faced by the ordinary Filipinos, and the cancellation of purchasing the jet plane would not end the furor over her indecent travel expenses and questionable increase in her family’s wealth,” Binay said.


  1. you have a point mr. presidentiable. but you have to look at both side of the coin. redeveloping the intramuros will give a major boost to phil. tourism. what about you as mayor of makati? did you have a stellar record in handling the finances there back then? hyprocrite you! but if you can change your old ways, you can be a good president.

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