August 10, 2009

While the country was mourning over Cory Aquino, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and her entourage were shamelessly “enjoying the royalty lifestyle” in New York City .

“Once again, it shows the true character of GMA and her family. They are all insensitive to the feelings of the Filipino people. They were feasting, laughing and enjoying a royal lifestyle while the entire nation was mourning over President Cory’s demise,” United Opposition-NCR (UNO-NCR) Chairperson and San Juan Mayor Joseph Victor Ejercito said.

The NY Post first reported on GMA and her entourage’s feast at Le Cirque, noting the extravagant orders of very expensive wine. The total cost of their dinner billed up to $20, 000.

“Fifteen of GMA’s family and friends enjoying a 1million dinner means each one of them have 66, 666.66 pesos worth of food and drinks while the Filipino people are not watching. But here in Manila , they are projecting that GMA only enjoys a 100-peso McDonald’s meal in Makati . It can be recalled early this year that the Malacanang Press Corps. were invited by GMA media, creating an image of GMA as ala-Obama,” Ejercito said.

“The NY Post’s report only confirms GMA’s indecent spending of public funds for personal gain. This extravagant dinner, along with the junket of the lawmakers and their wives, is unforgivable. Her administration’s indulgent expenses could have been spent for the estimated 3.7 million Filipino families suffering from hunger or saved for the national coffers,” he added.

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