JULY 29 2009
UNO President Jejomar C. Binay

The United Opposition (UNO) today said Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s son Mikey Arroyo should do the country a favor and tell the whole story about his claim that opposition figures are sending feelers to the administration seeking Mrs. Arroyo’s support in the 2010 election.

“Mrs. Arroyo’s son should name names and present proof. We have always maintained that the people should know who the real oppositionists are, and those who are only presenting themselves as opposition but are in fact administration by association,” Makati Mayor Jejomar c. Binay said.

But Binay said the reality is that the administration is desperately raiding the ranks of the opposition in the absence of credible and winnable national candidates for the 2010 election.

For his part, UNO spokesperson Amb. Ernesto Maceda reminded the younger Arroyo that the administration party had earlier admitted they were considering adopting senators identified with the opposition.

“The truth of the matter is that Mikey Arroyo is hiding the fact that it is the administration which is making desperate naked efforts to raid the opposition’s line-up to resuscitate the administration’s ranks which has reached rock bottom credibility with voters,” Maceda said.

Earlier reports has quoted administration party stalwarts Juan Miguel Zubiri , Roy Roquero and Danilo Suarez saying that the Lakas-NUCD-Kampi is seriously open to adopting either Senators Manny Villar and Francis Escudero as its standard bearers.

“In any event Mikey should name names. The people and the United Opposition definitely want to know who are traitors within its ranks,” Maceda said.

“If he can name them and show proof beyond mere conjecture and self-serving insinuations, by all means he should do so,” Maceda said.

“Otherwise, we assume that as in the past Arroyo is just showing character flaws similar to his honesty-challenged mother. Either he is the boy who cried wolf or telling us half truths meant to inveigle the public once more.


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