JULY 24 2009

If Con Ass is dead, as the House majority leader says it is, then they should bury it.

But Makati Mayor and United Opposition (UNO) president Jejomar C. Binay is unconvinced that Arroyo allies have completely abandoned their plan to convene Congress into a Constituent Assembly.

“The House majority leader may have declared Con Ass as dead, but the problem is that Mrs. Arroyo and her congressional allies have no intention of burying the dead. So the statement should be taken with a grain of salt,” he said.

Binay said the statement of Majority Leader Arthur Defensor is apparently intended to influence the public and the opposition into lowering their guard when Congress opens on July 27.
“The opposition is ready to square it off with Mrs. Arroyo’s allies in Congress. We will not abandon our vigilance, whether it’s against Con Ass or against martial law,” he said.

The opposition leader recalled that Arroyo supporters had said they will not push for Con Ass, and yet turned out in full force to ram the approval of House Bill 1109, which calls for the convening of Congress into a constituent assembly in order to amend the Constitution.

By prodding her allies to push for Con Ass, Binay said he is apprehensive that Mrs. Arroyo is deliberately fomenting political unrest in the crucial months leading to the 2010 election

“The persistence to push for Con Ass should be seen within the context of her obsession to remain power beyond 2010. To achieve this, she is exploring all options,” he said.

“With Con Ass out of the picture, her options are narrowing to only two – the Transition Council being peddled by her security adviser and military rule,” he added.

Majority Leader Arthur Defensor had said it was “useless” to talk about Con Ass, saying it would require the participation of the Senate. With the senators rejecting the idea of Con Ass to amend the Constitution, the measure – House Bill 1109 – is “just a scrap of paper.”


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