Sisterhood seeks to push Binay candidacy

By Chito A. Fuentes
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 09:18:00 07/19/2009

Filed Under: Eleksyon 2010

TAGBILARAN CITY – While MBP,“May Bukas Pa” for Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay, for Mayor Dan Lim of Tagbilaran, the acronym stands for “Mayor Binay President.”

Binay, who is also president of the United Opposition, had previously declared he was available for the presidency but has lately skirted any direct references to it.

However, the Makati service bus brought to Bohol for Binay’s visit had the slogan “Handa Na Para Sa Bansa.”

Binay came to Bohol for a two-day visit for the signing of sisterhood agreements with mayors Alvin Uy of Baclayon, Manuel Molina of Carmen and Claudio Bonior of San Miguel on Friday and with Lim on Saturday.

Lim maintained that he was not in the position to say that Binay was running for president, vice president or senator or that he was open for appointment as Cabinet secretary.

Nevertheless, he expressed his support for Binay. “I can only say that while MBP can mean ‘May Bukas Pa,’ I see Mayor Binay, President,” Lim said.

Binay explained, though, that “May Bukas Pa” was his favorite slogan, which he uses to deliver a message of hope in these difficult times.

He also recognized the Tagbilaran City mayor’s unequivocal support, a commitment made by Lim during a gathering of local officials in Makati several years earlier.

He expressed satisfaction that many of Makati’s pro-people programs were also implemented in Tagbilaran City.

Binay also turned over to Tagbilaran City a yellow multicab-type vehicle, bearing the words “Handog Kapatid ng Makati—Jojo Binay, Mayor.”

During his speech at the signing ceremony in Tagbilaran City, Binay could not resist taking potshots at the Arroyo administration, saying that he admired the courage of Tagbilaran local officials for coming out in the open for the ceremony.

“We will give copies of the videos taken here today to Malacañang to show them the warm reception that we got from you,” Binay told his audience in Filipino, eliciting laughter and mild applause.

Binay said many local government officials did not want to court the ire of Malacañang because they were dependent on internal revenue allotments.


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