First and foremost We are Filipinos, One people, One nation, One force, and One Vision

“It is no good for us to say that Makati has been continuously moving forward while the country is mired in a culture of killing and corruption, resulting in moral and social decadence. Surely we ourselves have to realize that, as far as the global community is concerned, the negative aspects besetting our country likewise impact negatively on the city of Makati.

For indeed, before we are residents of Makati, we are first and foremost all Filipinos – belonging to one country, with common hopes, and ultimately with a common destiny.

It was Shakespeare who said: “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.”

We have to accept that no country was ever ‘born great’, and I certainly do not think that the Philippines will be lucky enough to have ‘greatness thrust upon it’. And so it is clearly imperative that our only recourse is to ‘achieve greatness’ – as one people, one nation, one force, and one vision”


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