JULY 18, 2009

Heed the writing on the wall.

This was the advice given by Makati Mayor and United Opposition (UNO) president Jejomar C. Binay to Mrs. Arroyo and her allies in Congress who intend to push for Charter Change when Congress resumes session on July 27.

The opposition leader said the recent Social Weather Station (SWS) survey shows that the moves to amend the Constitution will not be supported by the public.

“Unless the agenda is to precisely stir up protests to the point that it would justify repressive measures, Mrs. Arroyo has been given due notice by the people that she should not proceed with Charter Change,” he said.

Binay said even Mrs. Arroyo’s assurance that elections will push through in 2010 smacks of mental dishonesty.

“The public knows that Mrs. Arroyo’s game plan to is to hold election for parliament, where she intends to be the prime minister.  Her assurance smacks of mental dishonesty and should give the public more reason to remain vigilant,” he said.

For his part, UNO spokesman Amb. Ernesto Maceda said Malacanang is again tryin to mislead the public by not making a categorical statement that the elections will be for a presidential or a parliamentary form of government.

In a survey conducted from June 19 to 22, the SWS said 70 percent of adult Filipinos opposed Cha-cha that would allow Mrs. Arroyo to stay in power after June 30, 2010.

The non-commissioned survey also said that over half of Filipinos, or 55 percent of respondents, believe that Mrs. Arroyo is behind the current effort to amend the Charter and her agenda is to extend her term.

SWs noted that opposition to Cha Cha rose from 66 percent in February 2009 and 64 percent in October 2008.

“GMA is clearly avoiding making a public declaration of what type of election-whether presidential or parliamentary-the palace plans to hold next year,”  Maceda said.

” The palace’s silence on this matter is clearly meant to buy time. GMA and her cronies are hoping that the enormous public disapproval against efforts to overhaul the  charter as shown by the surveys would die down,”

UNO NCR chair and San Juan Mayor Joseph Victor Ejercito for his part underscored that  “Mrs. Arroyo’s pronouncement that there will be elections in 2010 must be read between the lines, coming from someone who does not honor her promises, “he added.

“Who can forget Mrs. Arroyo’s pronouncement in Baguio while celebrating Rizal Day that she will not run for president? After the public was fooled, Gloria did not only run, she made sure, thru massive cheating using government resources and the help of Garci, that she won by 1 million votes,” Ejercito added.

Ejercito also expressed doubts over reports of a falling out between former President Fidel V. Ramos and GMA

“The more intriguing part is that her key ally ,General Ramos, made their supposed quarrels in public. Is this for real?” JV said adding that it is unlikely that the two plotters who forcibly ousted President Erap in Feb 2001 is now going on separate directions.

“Is it true that the marriage of co-conspirators that managed to fool Cory, the Church, civil society, the youth and the Filipino people, is breaking up? Can we trust something coming from the master of psywar and the queen of lies? We will see after June 30, 2010. ” Ejercito added.

Maceda also found it suspicious why Ramos does not make any call for GMA to step down despite his alleged misgivings about her administration.   “FVR and his supporters does not categorically ask GMA to step down, while GMA is also avoiding the same issue,”

Maceda added that the “Filipino people must prepare for extreme scenarios. “First, people should brace themselves for the possibility of a   new mode of election that will ensure Prime Minister GMA after passing HR 1109,”

“Secondly, there is still the possibility of a declaration of Martial Law and a transition government that will be governed either by General Arroyo or General Ramos or most likely by both of them.”


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