26 JUNE 2009

The United Opposition (UNO) will support the bid of University of the Philippines (UP) professor Randy David should he decide to run against Mrs. Arroyo for the congressional seat in the second district of Pampanga.

“Randy David will be fighting a tough battle, but his is a principled one, and we will support him,” Binay said.

“We will support Randy David or any other like-minded citizens of Pampanga,” he said.

“Mrs. Arroyo appears convinced that she will get the congressional seat on a silver platter. From there, the post of Prime Minister under a parliamentary system is hers.  But we believe that there are many concerned citizens like Randy David who are willing to fight an uphill battle rather than let Mrs. Arroyo have her way,” he said.

The opposition leader said Mrs. Arroyo might see a repeat of the 2007 gubernatorial election where her candidate lost to Fr. Ed Panlilio.

“I am certain that many Kapampangans are looking forward to new leadership in 2010. That will not happen if Mrs. Arroyo succeeds in getting herself elected to Congress and becomes Prime Minister under a parliamentary system of government,” he said.

He also blasted Malacanang for questioning the motives of David.

“Randy David proceeds from the purest of intentions, while Mrs. Arroyo is driven solely by her desire to hold on to power beyond 2010,” he said.


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